9 Dangerous Side Effects of High Cholesterol!

Decreased Blood Flow

high+cholesterol+effects 9 Dangerous Side Effects of High Cholesterol!Decreased blood flow is also one of high cholesterol effects caused by the plaque formed by too much cholesterol in the blood stream. Once decreased blood flow occurs, it can lead to more serious diseases and life threatening conditions.

It is because certain organs cannot function properly without sufficient oxygen rich blood. Therefore, even though it is one of the most common high cholesterol effects, it still needs to be treated properly before it leads to more fatal conditions.

To maintain the levels of cholesterol, it is really important for you to physically active, avoid foods rich in cholesterol and unnecessary fats, and also track down the levels of your cholesterols.


High Cholesterol May Cause Alzheimer 225x300 9 Dangerous Side Effects of High Cholesterol!

Alzheimer disease is just one of the most common form of dementia was found. Alzheimer risk usually increases with age. But a recent study showed that those who have high cholesterol levels at risk for Alzheimer

The findings, published in the journal Neurology suggests that high cholesterol levels may increase the risk of Alzheimer disease by creating more plaque in the brain. However, this finding does not directly prove that high cholesterol can lead to Alzheimer disease or a decrease in mean cholesterol level will decrease the risk of Alzheimer.

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Hearing Loss

Hearing Aid for The Curing of Hearing Loss1 9 Dangerous Side Effects of High Cholesterol!A study showing that lower bad cholesterol (LDL) them with drugs known as statins, or even eating healthy fat sources managed to reduce their risk of hearing loss by 50 percent.

So, how cholesterol can affect the sense of hearing? Cholesterol would make the blood becomes more viscous so that an interruption in blood circulation in the inner auditory system is very small and complex.

This can be seen in swine herds. Researchers from Australia said bad cholesterol would reduce blood flow, including to the ear so that they can not function normally.

Regarding the fact the there are several high cholesterol effects that may not be detectable, it is important for you to always check your cholesterol levels and live in a healthy life, so that you can get rid of high cholesterol effects.